Cremation Services

Angel Oaks Pet Crematory performs all services with the utmost dignity and respect for you and your loved one.


Cremation Services

In moments of profound loss, finding a compassionate and dignified farewell for a beloved pet becomes a paramount consideration. Our pet cremation services extend a caring hand to grieving families, offering a thoughtful and respectful way to say goodbye to their cherished companions.

See our cremation and specialty service options below

Cremation Types

Private Cremation With Ashes Returned

This service provides families with the reassurance that their cherished companion is treated with dignity and care throughout the entire procedure. The exclusive nature of a private cremation means that there is no mixing of cremains with those of other pets, preserving the uniqueness of each individual's ashes. The personalization of this service ensures that the process is handled with the utmost sensitivity, allowing those left behind to find solace in knowing that their loved one received an individualized and dignified farewell. Only your pet’s ashes are returned to you in our Angel Oaks complimentary urn with a clay paw print keepsake.

Generally (Ashes/Paw Print/Certificate) ready for customer return within 3-5 days

Communal Cremation

During our communal cremation service your pet will be cremated with others and an Angel Oaks Family member scatters the ashes at our 20-acre private property in East Texas. You will not receive ashes with this service.

Specialty Services

There are a variety of specialty services available to you and your loved ones.

  • Same day cremation service -Your beloved pet will be returned to you within 24 hours of entering our care.
  • Visitation Services -We provide you and family members with a comfort room to spend time to say goodbye to your cherished pet.
  • Witness Cremation - A scheduled appointment where you and your family view your pet’s cremation.

Each one of the services can be personalized to your family's needs. Ask an Angel Oaks team member for more information.

Drop Off Policies

We have multiple appointment types available based on you and your beloved pet’s needs.

  • Drop off at Angel Oaks Pet Crematory - You transport your pet to our facility
  • Home Pick-Up - An Angel Oaks team member will arrive to your home to pick up.
  • Veterinary Clinic Pick-Up - An Angel Oaks team will pick up your cherished pet from any clinic in the greater Houston area. You will notify your veterinary clinic that arrangements have been made.
  • Texas A&M transport - An Angel Oaks team member provides safe and reliable transportation to and from the A&M facility.

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