Our Services

Angel Oaks is a modern, state-of-the-art cremation provider. All services are performed by an experienced member of our staff in our new 6000 square-foot facility. We pride ourselves on handling each pet with dignity and respect as if they were our own.

At Angel Oaks We Offer the Following Services

  • Pick-up from your veterinarian clinic or your home*
  • Private Cremation Services – Ours is a TRUE Private cremation. ONLY your pet is cremated at that time. Many advertise “Private” but cremate your pet along with many others using dividers that dont stop cross contamination of ashes. You don’t get just your pets’ ashes back. Your pet’s ashes and only your pets’ ashes are returned to you from Angel Oaks in a complimentary urn.
  • Communal Cremation Services – Your pet is cremated with other pets.
  • Witnessed Cremations – You may choose to schedule an appointment to view your pet’s cremation*.  Our facility has a comfortable viewing room and can accommodate a large family.
  • After Hours Cremations – Trying to be there when you need us. Contact us for details.
  • Weekend Cremations – Available Saturday and Sunday. Contact us for details.

What to expect

We take great care to ensure that your pet’s ashes are returned to you, the rightful owner.

  1. Pick-up is scheduled either at your home or veterinarian’s office. We will assign and tag a unique ID to your pet at this time.
  2. Your pet is brought to our facility and scheduled for cremation, usually within 8 hours of arrival.
  3. For your peace of mind, your companion is captured on digital video with the unique ID and paperwork, and then while still recording, the remains are cremated.
  4. Finally, the ashes are carefully removed, labeled again and placed into a complimentary black ceramic urn.
  5. The urn is placed in a box labeled with the owner’s name and veterinarian’s name.
  6. The ashes are available for pick-up, delivery or returned to your veterinarian’s office for your pick-up.
  7. All cremation videos are digitally archived for no less than 1 year.

Please see below for a picture of our complimentary urns. We carry many more specialty urns. Please visit our product catalog or call us today.


*- additional fee may apply for home pickup and Witnessed cremation. Please call for details