Pet cremation burial questions houston

Pet cremation burial questions houston


Things You Should Know About Cremation Services

Many advertise “Private” but cremate your pet along with many others using nothing more than a space between your pet and the next.This won’t stop cross contamination of ashes. You don’t get just your pets’ ashes back. At Angel Oaks we will never do this and to prove it, All cremations are videoed are digitally archived for no less than 1 year. You may call to scheduled to view your pets cremation at our location*

You should ask if you can inspect the facility or be present for the Cremation: If they are reluctant for you to be there beware! At Angel Oaks you are welcome to drop by at anytime during normal hours.

Some Cremation providers will wait up to a week before even picking up your pet, Others often wait over a week before doing the cremation. At Angel Oaks We promptly pick-up your pet, Most are picked up and cremated on the same day that we receive the call, Most pets are returned the next Business Day!

Your Pet, Your Choice, You should be involved in making an informed decision on the Service provider that best suits your needs, If you veterinary does not use us as a Cremation Provider, They should allow you to make the final decision. If they are reluctant for you to do this, beware! At Angel Oaks we realize that this is usually at a very emotional time and offer a 20% discount on our prearrangement Services

In the end its up to you to make an informed decision, But keep in mind that most Veterinary Clinics have never seen there Cremation Providers facility. At Angel Oaks all veterinary staff are welcome to drop by at anytime during normal hours for a complete tour of the facility.